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Here are some of the most often overlooked tasks that we encounter;

Living Areas - Make sure that any shelves are clean and uncluttered. Also, make sure that any non-essential furniture is removed from visibility. The most common issues that we encounter are animal crates, trash cans, electronic remotes, etc. 

Kitchen Area - Make sure that all of the dishes are clean and put away. All counters should be clean and free of clutter. Trash cans are not overly sexy, so they can be placed in the Garage or somewhere out of view.
Bathrooms - Make sure that all mirrors and countertops are clean. Place personal hygiene items in a small box and remove from visibility. Make sure that towels are folded, trash cans removed and toilet lids are closed.  

Curb Appeal is Critical to Any Deal

Please ensure that all trash cans have been removed and that the lawn is free from clutter. Special attention needs to be paid to pool and lanai areas, as well as side yards. Our photographers are experts at showcasing every detail of your property and this will help you in the long run.

Turn Them and Home Buyers ON

Make sure to check the light bulbs in all of your overhead lights and lamps. The brighter your home, the better the images. Please make sure that all of the lights are on in each room before the photographer arrives. Also, all ceiling fans should be turned off, as they will affect any panoramic photography.

The Key to A Successful 3D Scan or Virtual Tour

Our photographers can not clean, dust, pick up/move furniture or "straighten things up". The home MUST be ready for the photographer when he arrives. Upon arrival, our photographers can wait no longer than 5 minutes for additional home preparations. If a wait longer than this occurs, we will move to our next scheduled appointment and reschedule your virtual tour. There is a $25 non- refundable rescheduling fee.